Project Coordination & Management

Key people 

Co-ordinator: Prof Ole Andreassen
Project Manager: Magnus Seierstad
Co-coordinator: Ida Elken Sønderby
Financial support: Oksana Takhirova
Administrative support: Ingeborg Helle Vedde

Organisation: Universitetet i Oslo/University of Oslo

Our Role

We are the lead work package for the consortium, who co-ordinate the other partners.
We are responsible for ensuring that the research undertaken is of the highest quality and that all risks are minimised.

We are the main point of contact for the European Commission (EC) and are responsible for ensuring that official reports (scientific and financial) are submitted on time.

If unforeseen things should occur, we will take steps to minimise their impact on the budget and planned work (deliverables).

We will also set up:

  1. General Assembly: responsible for major strategic and scientific decisions.
    Comprised of one member from each partner.
  2. Executive Board: responsible for the day-to-day management of the project.
    Comprised of Work Package Leaders & Data Manager, IP/Knowledge Manager, Quality Manager and Risk Manager.
  3. Scientific Advisory Board: will attend annual meetings and provide expert input into the scientific, dissemination/ communication and risk response plans for the upcoming year.
    Comprised of key scientists in the field, who are not directly involved in the CoMorMent project. One person will be allocated the role of Ethics Advisor.
  4. Stakeholder Forum: to provide stakeholder input at all stages of the project.
    Attendees will include clinical researchers, biomarker developers, specialist health care services, health care authorities and members of patient organisations.

Structure of CoMorMent work packages and boards

A key part of our role is internal communications. We will arrange regular teleconferences as well as annual project meetings and maintain the internal communication channel, to keep the consortium functioning well. 

In addition, to the above, we will establish a mentorship and support programme for young promising scientists. These young researchers will be appointed as ‘co-leaders’ to their work packages. This will give them vital experience and strengthen their career development for the future.

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Staff involved

Prof Ole Andreassen
Magnus Seierstad
Ida Elken Sønderby
Oksana Takhirova
Ingeborg Helle Vedde

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