Communications & Dissemination

Our Core Team:

Work Package Leader: Professor Andrew McIntosh
Senior Research Fellow: Dr Sue Fletcher-Watson
Knowledge Exchange Officer: Dr Iona Beange
Postdoctoral Research Associate: Dr Elizabeth Kirkham

However, our work is always done in collaboration with the Co-ordination and Management Team (Work Package 7) and all other consortium members.

Organisation: University of Edinburgh

Our Role

We will support and co-ordinate communications, dissemination and exploitation activities for the project. However, all partners will contribute actively to work package 6.

One of our first tasks will be to write a dissemination and communications plan for the project.
Our activities will take a variety of forms including: 

  • Website and social media

  • Newsletters

  • Scientific papers and conference presentations

  • Science Festivals/Fairs and other public events

  • Press releases & popular science magazine articles

  • Satellite events scientific meetings

The activities within Work package 6 are directed towards a wide variety of audiences including:

  • the scientific community, in particular, clinical researchers and biomarker developers,

  • health care workers & health care authorities,

  • the health and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Patients, their relatives and patient organisations

  • General public

We will undertake some of our activities in collaboration with other organisations such as the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and the Nordic Society of human genomics and precision medicine.

In addition, The University of Oslo is responsible for organising annual project meeting for all project partners and AMRA will lead dissemination towards industry.

Participatory research and policy development

The researchers within Work Package 6 have recently completed a UK-wide survey on attitudes to data science.

This work will be replicated across CoMorMent sites, to explore attitudes to data science across different parts of Europe, and explore whether stakeholders endorse the practice of ‘data dumping’ when a research project is complete.

This project is expected to generate knowledge that is of direct relevance to national and international policymakers

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