Why are we doing this research?

People with mental health disorders often die many years prematurely This is frequently due to cardiovascular diseases.

But what is the link between these things?

Our Research

Using the power of data science, our researchers hope to better understand the complex interactions that influence our risk and resilience to both mental ill-health and cardiovascular disease, and how these may affect our response to treatment.

Our researchers are from a wide range of backgrounds including human genetics and genomics, mental illness, cardiovascular disease, phenotyping and bioinformatics. 

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Why us? 

As a consortium, CoMorMent is able to bring together a huge dataset, which combines health, genetic, lifestyle & brain imaging data from 6 European countries. 
When combined, these projects cover the whole life-course from early pregnancy until death.

Our consortium is also at the forefront of the field, developing and applying new cutting edge data analysis techniques. By making use of these novel statistical & machine learning approaches, our researchers will identify the genetic, brain & body markers that are common to both cardiovascular & mental health conditions. 

Funding Priority

The increasing number of individuals with co-morbid mental and physical ill-health poses an urgent need for improvements in our understanding of patient care. 

This was recognised by the European Commission and highlighted as a priority area for funding via their Horizon 2020 work programme

CoMorMent picks up this priority and applies it to comorbid mental ill-health and cardiovascular disease. 

Published May 19, 2020 12:29 AM - Last modified May 19, 2020 12:33 AM