Lay Summaries

Lay summaries of our research papers will be uploaded here, as they become available. 

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Lay summary for: Qing Shen, Huan Song, Thor Aspelund, Jingru Yu, Donghao Lu, Jóhanna Jakobsdóttir, Jacob Bergstedt, Lu Yi, Patrick Sullivan, Arvid Sjölander, Weimin Ye, Katja Fall, Fang Fang, Unnur Valdimarsdóttir (2022) Cardiovascular disease and subsequent risk of psychiatric disorders: a nationwide sibling-controlled study eLife 11:e80143

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Lay summary for: Han, X., Hou, C., Yang, H. et al. Disease trajectories and mortality among individuals diagnosed with depression: a community-based cohort study in UK Biobank. Mol Psychiatry 26, 6736–6746 (2021).

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Lay summary for: Rødevand, Tesli & Andreassen (2022). Cardiovascular disease risk in people with severe mental disorders: an update and call for action. Current Opinion in Psychiatry, 35, DOI:10.1097/YCO.0000000000000797.

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Lay summary for Beck, D., de Lange, A.-M. G., Pedersen, M. L., Alnæs, D., Maximov, I. I., Voldsbekk, I., Richard, G., Sanders, A.-M., Ulrichsen, K. M., Dørum, E. S., Kolskår, K. K., Høgestøl, E. A., Steen, N. E., Djurovic, S., Andreassen, O. A., Nordvik, J. E., Kaufmann, T., & Westlye, L. T. (2022). Cardiometabolic risk factors associated with brain age and accelerate brain ageing. Human Brain Mapping, 43( 2), 700– 720.

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Lay summary for: Lynch R, Aspelund T, Kormáksson M, Flores-Torres MH, Hauksdóttir A, Arnberg FK, Lajous M, Kirschbaum C, Valdimarsdóttir Lifetime exposure to violence and other life stressors and hair cortisol concentration in women. U.Stress. 2022 Jan;25(1):48-56. doi: 10.1080/10253890.2021.2011204. Epub 2022 Jan 10.PMID: 34962229

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Lay summary: Magnúsdóttir et al. (2022), Acute COVID-19 severity and mental health morbidity trajectories in patient populations of six nations: an observational study, The Lancet Public Health,

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This lay summary is based on a paper by Linge et al (2021), published open access in Journal of Cachexia, Sarcopenia and Muscle

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This lay summary is based on a paper by Gurholt et al (2021), published open access in Translational Psychiatry. 

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This lay summary is based on a paper by Cheesman, R., Eilertsen, E.M., Ahmadzadeh, Y.I. et al.  Published Open Access in BMC Medicine 18, 284 (2020).

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This lay summary is based on a paper by Huazhen Yang et al (2020).  Pre-pandemic psychiatric disorders and risk of COVID-19: a UK Biobank cohort analysis. Published Open Access in The Lancet Healthy Longevity DOI: