Access to data

Due to legal restrictions, we cannot share CoMorMent as a database with external researchers. However, you may wish to contact individual sites to request access to their data. 

Country Sample name
(with link)
Description (sample size)
Iceland SAGA High trauma exposure cohort which is a subset of DECODE. (50K women)
Iceland DECODE Genotyped Icelandic population (150k)

Psychiatric cohort. Disease mechanisms and early markers of outcome in severe mental illness (2.5k cases, 1.1k controls)

Norway MoBa-child Prospective pregnancy cohort, 1999-2009. Questionnaire about lifestyle, stressors, symptoms. (114k children) 
Norway MoBa-parents Prospective pregnancy cohort. Followed closely with psychosocial information, lifestyle, stressors, symptoms. (95k mothers, 75k fathers)
Norway BAMI Biobanking in acute myocardial infarction. Observational cohort. Patients admitted to hospital with acute myocardial infarction 2007-2017. (2.14k)
Norway HUNT Population sample. Focus on arterial hypertension, diabetes, tuberculosis and quality of life (90k) 


Longitudinal population study with a focus on CVD. (40k)
Norway HUSK Population sample. Focus on chronic diseases (CVD, cancer, osteoporosis), anxiety, depression (36k)
Denmark iPsych True unbiased population birth sample, 1981-2005, based on the extraction of data from PKU/Guthrie cards with random 2% of birth cohorts, in addition to all individuals with mental disorder diagnosis. Focus on mental and neurodevelopmental disorders. (80k cases, 50k controls)
Denmark Danish Psychiatric Biobank Psychiatric cohort (12k, 1k chronic), 
Sweden GAPS Genetics study which focuses on bringing together all existing GWAS samples in Sweden (200k)
Estonia EGCUT Population sample based on volunteers from the adult population. Includes questionnaires. (200k)
UK Generation Scotland Family and population-based sample of primary care patients. Focus on genetics of common heritable diseases and perpetual record linkage to incident outcomes. (24k)
UK UK biobank Population study based on volunteers (2006-2010) Focus on public health. (500k) 
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